Friday, 20 April 2018

it all comes together

Many years ago I've written these poems trying to describe my inner world. Back then I had two major pursuit for my life, one is to find my true calling which has been vigorously shouting to me from very young and he other dream was to find true love.
It is so interesting how things happen in just a few weeks ago I have found them both in the same time, as they are one the same.
I have found my Twin Flame!
First of all I never knew such thing existed and as it turns out I met this person 5 years ago!
We were always drawn to each-other but only recently we began communicating on a daily basis.
Only last week, after  some intense messaging we came to the realisation together that we are one the same. We woke each-other up. Suddenly everything made sense. Every lesson, every little pain, all the 'coincidences' showed a purpose, suddenly recognised all my soul mates from the past and their teachings. I realised  that everything I ever wished, all that I ever thought about how reality should be is indeed the truth.
Suddenly I gained insight how spirit works, with  synchronizing events, showing signs, always guiding towards a blissful reality. I must say spirit is the smoothest operator and does not make mistake!
This  knowledge now fills me with overwhelming joy and never have I ever felt so loved!

Just moments after the realization that I have a twin flame all these poems came alive and seemed to describe events that are happening today!

Don't get me wrong my reality has not turned into a fairytale where all I have to do all day is to collect flowers from a field  and neither we are now living the happy ever-after holding hands singing love songs. On the contrary, it is now time to strip all past negativities, all unnecessary baggage we have each carried for years or even lifetimes. It is intense, it is challenging and in the same time its mindbogglingly amazing.
I feel that the only way forward is to actually apply, live and practice all that I ever have learned.
The perplexity of  challenges got taken up a notch while the available tools sets have been upgraded also.

When the poems were written I had faithfully, blindly believed but now I KNOW and FEEL that things ARE perfect for right now and everything will be  utterly fine.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Birthday poem

Here and now
and every day on
pandemic laughter
prosperous dreams shall manifest
your way, into your life

Blessings shall cascade
inspiration through your veins
raging abundance shall
timely overflow
harmonious energies shall
dwell in your heart
always, from here and now
you shall see the light

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wading Waters

My paintbrush is soaking with your scent
You tore the chains of my weathered door of love
My violin plays only one tune
Yearning of the heart
I tossed all my weeds but
Your tiny flowers also got caught
Withering wasted under the sun,
The fresh mountain breeze sown those seeds again
Brewed stronger all that has gone
You were the first I wished uncaptured
Forbade my snake eyes to seduce
Ordered my tails to swirl afar
I rather know you endless
Letting be what dreams may come


Imperfections shadow real beauty
Pretentious pride protects the mind
Jealous judgements choke all knowledge
Will I defy, will I defy

The pure stands tall naked
Sweet and innocent like a child
Refuses cautious control
What will I find, what will I find

The brave lowers gorging guard
Speaks with sensitive silence
Trust that everything will be
Perfectly fine, perfectly fine

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Letter to Grandma

If I could spend one more day with you
I would fall in your arms, kissing your cheeks like I used to
I would ask you how is heaven, do you still see grandpa?
Would ask you to sing me songs of the golden river,
touch my lips with glorious fruit
share your wisdom, hopes and wonder
and tell me that in time we’ll meet again.
I remember your smile, how you looked at me with awe.
Times when you scrubbed me shiny in the bath.
Always teaching me, your ever forgiving unconditional love.
I’ll wait till you visit again during the night in my sleep
I know you are always watching...
at times I can feel your heart being proud.
I am sending you my hugs and kisses
And Hallelujah to God

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Workshop me

Sarah and I set a task to each write a poem with the intriguing title of Workshop me. Well here it is...

Level me with your genuine reaction
Chisel my edges with open honest love
Glue my shattered heart together
Paint my sorrows bright as a spark
Chainsaw my luxurious lousy laze
Drill my mind to find more doors
Hammer me out of curbing comfort
Shovel the bricks of my broken walls
Polish my hopes to new existence
Nail my discipline close to earth
Axe my insecurities to dainty pieces
Clamp my dreams to giving birth
You can workshop me anyway to help
But never put me on the shelf


Holding the lantern
Adventuring the symphonic jungle of life
Glance under every rock
Observe each sound
Smell the purple breeze
Touch colors of a rainbow
Sense hidden delicate beauty
Taste all I can find
Stumble through challenges
Glide across lucid haze
Frazzle fluffy fear
Expand a brilliant brain
Holding the lantern that shines through my heart
Embrace each experience
Breathe and enjoy life

Monday, 3 October 2011


Beneath the surface
I always knew
Probably it is true
Openly I now embrace
Love and pain in perfect grace
Adventuring on mystic lands
Rejoice, I'm in divine hands

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The intruder

The shadow of shifty doubt
sneaks in through the cracks,
Tirelessly suffocating dreams,
nailing them tight to comfort,
till desires devastated into thin air
like vigor that fades away
from poison saturated ground.
My friend, I can gauge your presence
I welcome you with laughter,
 hear your voice faint away
will catch you lurking every time
then watch you disappear.

The crossing

A present alluring in layers of silk
My being bounces with joy
can hardly bide to see
What kind of treasure waiting for me
How did it manifest my way?

As I swift the layers away
I begin to realize
the silhouette of my purest desire
the one I questioned, if it was to perish in waste
Who is the sender of such precious grace?

I freeze, my faint heart cringes,
I wonder should I leave it stow
Preserve it in my memory as splendid
without causing any harm
How am I defied with such a perfect charm?

But deep down I know
I must be true to myself and continue to grow
I boldly obey the quest
and go with the flow
Who tries to bless me this way?

Suddenly I look around
Know, I’m at the gate
where reality mystifies
guiding me to have faith
that it is all perfect right now
I can also clearly see that
Heaven organized the gift and the sender was me!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A door of many

It is hard to see a blessing buried in the midst of pain
It is difficult to harvest gifts of a storm
by welcoming all that seems unfair,
letting go of judgement,
by accepting the surroundings
You may just be handed the key
that opens any door blocking your way.

A moment of eternity

If I just observe my surroundings, I see such a divine creation where every moment is a meaningful, perfectly and individually created guidance toward my deepest, most beautiful desire to live life.

When I stop thinking and actually feel how I feel, instead of thinking how I feel, I begin to notice and more and more appreciate every moment I experience to the fullest.

Complex simplicity of Love

I want to play in the sandpit till we collapse from laughter
I want to sit with you in intimate calm silence for days
I want us to fight with passion followed by understanding and forgiveness
I want our erotic sensual connection to fly us into euphoric, dazed wonderland
I want to immerse in exchanging thoughts, further discovering the world
I want us to stand guarding each other in the middle of the square while rocks are being thrown
I want to embrace all that you are, know and feel that you do the same
I want to evolve and grow together toward our dreams, share and experience all that is called life unconditionally
In years to come I want to feel the same excitement when we met the first time
Every day I want to be thankful and treasure what we have and possibly
make it last for a life time.

Friday, 30 September 2011

To all the beautiful people in my life

I just want you to know...

I feel blessed that our path have crossed and I am overjoyed reflecting on our memories.
If we ever shared a moment, exchanged a smile or laughter, if we ever traded secrets,
if we ever spent time together in calm silence or cried on each other’s shoulder YOU are one of these people.
I want you to know that I am overwhelmed by the unique beauty you each have brought in my life.
I am grateful for all that I have learnt from you.
I wish you all could see each of your own superior quality I know in you.
I hope that you have the courage to follow your dreams and live an abundant life filled with LOVE.
Thank you